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At Woodruff Ensley Foundation, we believe that making a difference in a young person’s life doesn’t have to be difficult. We strive to make a difference by enhancing access to creative education and knowledge of the aviation industry in our area.


The Change Agent Umbrella by Design – expanding opportunities through investment in people with results that uplift everyone.


Our values are simple: Kindness, Diversity and Inclusion, Respect, and Opportunity.

We help build the future!

Carolyn & Dwight

Our Founders

Carolyn Woodruff

Dwight Ensley

Captain Green Eyes and the Cupcake Buddies

Created by Carolyn and Dwight, Captain Green Eyes and the Cupcake Buddies™ introduce The Seven Nights of Santa, a new holiday picture book for small children, their parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Captain Green Eyes does it again. Now Santa can come to everyone’s house for seven nights — find out how and why with this beautifully illustrated, children’s holiday storybook that kids will want to hear and see over and over.

Enhancing Access To Creative Education


Dwight Ensley and Carolyn Woodruff jointly established the Woodruff Ensley Foundation [prior to Dwight’s untimely passing in 2022] with the noble aim of supporting and empowering young individuals in the Triad. This esteemed foundation strives tirelessly to transform their shared vision into tangible results.

Paul K. Mengert - CEO

Association Management Group, Inc.

Between earth and sky lies a limitless space of creative concepts. Woodruff Ensley Foundation is dedicated to helping our youth learn, grow, and achieve their potential. We see ourselves as a change agent umbrella – designed to take small steps and make them great. Enhancing access to creative expression and aviation opportunities can connect young people to their potential.

Indira Lindsay Roberts

Founding Board Member

Inspired by the vision of Carolyn and Dwight, the Woodruff Ensley Foundation serves as a beacon in the Piedmont Triad area. The work of the foundation focuses on building creativity through the intersection of arts and aviation. This one-of-a-kind mission brings access to unique opportunities for young people in our community.

Joe Kinnarney


Enhancing Access To Creative Education

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